From a Sphagnum Fen

On this page I want to show you a set of pictures as a result of a 2019 sampling trip. The location was a sphagnum fen and the water was very rich, one could easily find over 100 different organisms.
Not too many different desmids though, anyhow I selected 2 for this post.
Differential interference contrast (3,5), Darkfield (1), Fluorescence (2,6) and transmitted light (4); it was fun to try all of those.

  1. Closterium lunula 25x oil
  2. Closterium lunula 21x
  3. Kellicottia bostoniensis 25x
  4. Micraterias truncata 100x oil
  5. Micraterias truncata 100x oil
  6. Spirogyra 21x
  7. Dragonfly larva. Seen from the back but because it’s transparant the mouth parts are also visible. I’ve combined all in this photo.
  8. Bosmina Longisrostris. A small water flea with an elephant nose.
  9. Dead Sphagnum with fluorescence, 21x objective.