After a search for marine plankton (which was a bit disappointing) I found this silverfish.
I learnt that there are 3 variants (literally from dutch) silverfish, paperfish and ovenfish. Got the impression this is the paper loving type, will update when I’m sure.
Not one of my favourite insects, however at second sight it turned out to be extravagant in its own way.
The specific details in shells and hairs made the use of oil immersion and differential interference contrast (dic) also relevant.

1-5 Leitz Orthoplan refelected darkfield Ultropak; 20W “high power led” with single polariser filter.
1= 4x objective
2= 6.5x objective
3= 6.5x objective
4= 11x objective
5= 22x objective

6= 40x dic objective with a Leitz Ortholux II microscope

More details to be found in the next 4 pictures:

7= 11x objective Antenna detail Orthoplan/Ultropak
8= 22x objective; Scales on back (5 was belly) ditto
9= 25x objective; Antenna detail Ortholux dic.
10= 40x objective; Hair detail Ortholux dic